Luxury Hotel Wish List – Peru

During my day job, I have to design travel programs for international corporations, and it gives me crazy travel envy of my clients! I get to plan exciting activities for their group to experience and find the most unique hotels in the world… because, to put it this way, my clients are quite discerning. Recently, I had to plan a program in Peru. Let me tell you – I honestly didn’t have an interest in going before doing all of this research. Sure, to hike Machu Picchu, but I’d never heard of anything else in Peru that drew me in. Now, it’s a completely different story. I’m obsessed. There is such a diverse range of environments to explore, indigenous culture to experience, and delicious food to try. I’m all about staying in hostels or locally owned B&B’s, but what I’ve found for you today are some of my favorite luxury hotels in Peru. If you’re looking for adventure with a mix of comfort, visit the following:

TITILAKA – In the Puno region on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca:

Titilaka has the best of both worlds – rugged natural beauty and modern luxury. You can’t help but see amazing views from the zillions of windows and porches and balconies all over the hotel. Plus, the sunset is gorgeous over Lake Titicaca.

One of the coolest things about Titilaka is that there are amazing excursions that come included in the hotel package. They have guided kayaking trips, mountain biking through the Fields of Plateria, constellation viewings, and visits to traditional floating islands and weaving villages. How awesome is that! I studied cultural anthropology in college, so it kinda sounds like my dream vacation.

LAS CASITAS DEL COLCA – In the Colca Canyon region:

The pictures speak for themselves – Las Casitas del Colca is magical. And I must mention that they have an organic garden on premises, along with BABY ALPACAS. Or you can participate in majestic activities such as painting on a hill above the grounds, hiking along the river, or relaxing in the eucalyptus forest. Literally nothing sounds more relaxing than this.

And let’s not forget the delicious restaurant and beautiful guestrooms at Las Casitas del Colca… like I had to persuade myself to love this place more. And P.S., doesn’t the outdoor area look like the Shire?! ANOTHER reason to go.

HOTEL MONASTERIO – In Cuzco & near Machu Picchu:

Though Hotel Monasterio isn’t in the middle of nature, it is in the middle of beautiful Cuzco – a city steeped in history. Its cobbled streets and numerous religious splendors make Cuzco a charming place to experience. Plus, Machu Picchu is only a day trip away. Anyway, the hotel was originally a 16th century monastery!

While living the high life at Hotel Monasterio, you can also experience a range of great activities such as a religious art tour or a Peruvian cooking class. Or, of course, you can adventure out in the streets of Cuzco on your own! After a long day of practicing Spanish and blistering my heels from walking so much, I would LOVE to sit and relax in Hotel Monasterio’s courtyard. Until that time arrives, a girl can dream. But if I could only do one thing in Peru, it will still have to be this:


*I was not paid to endorse these hotels – I just think they are stunning!*